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London Alexander is my favorite brand/ designer.

Carven is also another favorite.

this thread is already ruined by GARBAGE 
Where to Cop London Alexander? Online preferred.

 http://http//store.dopejunkyard.com/category/men  only place online. It's sold in mostly high end canadian stores. Mostly in Vancouver.
February 19, 2014 @ 12:11 AM
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https://www.facebook.com/ClothesIveMade We're a clothing company from New Zealand, Been in the works for three years now and are starting to get serious. We have our first fashion show in a few months. We do runs of garments that are produced locally but also drop one off pieces which is a huge point of difference for the company, if you have the time take a browse. Would love to hear some feedback from those who appreciate fashion outside of our country. 
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I'll just slide this in right here... 

13thFriday.com cool
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just brands started buy people with money and cut & sew connects.
the problem with brands nowadays is no one makes them with some sort of come up behind them
anymore. No concept, or era they started. Brands will have screenprinted pictures on a tee, but 
they wont even be original photos, and if they are there is no "epicness" or significance to it.
no substance behind it. no story. Thats what makes brands like Bape, or STUSSY (perfect example) and supreme
hate those examples or not they came from such a sturdy foundation with a place they originated from and grew from.
thats why these brands keep popping up then dying out after a years worth of sales. all that shit bores me.


Real talk...
But everyones gotta start somewhere.

Revive Brand Co: www.revivebrandco.com

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Love some King Apparel from london, great brand and amazing quality. Check them out at http://www.forrentshoes.com/collections/king-apparel
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Toronto based streetwear brand Simple Man Clothing about to drop their F/W '15 collection. 


Some shots from their lookbook below.

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