5 Panel Manufacturer

August 09, 2012 @ 19:27:14
Hey anybody who is listening,

I am desperately searching for a 5 panel manufacturer. I have been trying and trying to find one, but everyone I have talked to won't tell me. I really just want to have some caps made for my small local brand so that I can sell to friends, family, and hopefully one day open an online shop. I am serious about this, I want to make this happen. I really hope that someone can help me out. If you do have any information that you are willing to share with me, you can PM me if you would prefer to do that. I really hope someone can help.
August 15, 2012 @ 03:36:53
I am willing to pay a reasonable fee.
August 15, 2012 @ 03:42:41
Bump because I'm looking for one too.

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August 16, 2012 @ 00:47:06
Edited. Removed my email from too many inquiries... no longer available.
August 16, 2012 @ 00:55:19
I have some blanks in stock, and can do custom orders over 500 units at great prices...

Black and Grey

Same fitment as Supreme.

Email me chapin@bottomsupmfg.com for info and pics.

Can I ask how much for say 20 hats of same design?

diamonds are forever.

August 16, 2012 @ 01:10:47
Please email me Ishyaboi.
August 16, 2012 @ 01:40:30
I emailed you as well @xgumsolesx
August 16, 2012 @ 02:07:42

Inactive User

Please email me Ishyaboi.

You design them yourself?
August 16, 2012 @ 02:11:04
Edited. Removed my email from too many inquiries...
August 16, 2012 @ 02:13:58

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Just google Hat Manufacterers and you'll find some good companies willing to match your demand in a few clicks! Honestly not that hard. If local, set up a meeting if overseas email them. Done.

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August 18, 2012 @ 19:08:05
@duppyboi17 I pm'd you
November 07, 2012 @ 18:22:44
November 08, 2012 @ 09:39:59
If any one is need of design and production help. PM me.

December 07, 2012 @ 20:41:19
do fucking work and find the right manufacturer. its out there. 
December 08, 2012 @ 04:55:59
Originally posted by Inactive User
do fucking work and find the right manufacturer. its out there. 
did you just search up the words "5 panel manufacturer" and post the same shit in all of them?

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December 08, 2012 @ 07:06:20
^ Haha exactly my thought. Also, harborco wrote this back in August so calm your tits Colin.
January 13, 2013 @ 17:43:19
Check out newgeneration.hk
They manufactures 5 panel hat
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