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August 1, 2012 @ 10:32 PM

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I got that Herschel x Stussy one.

instagram: funthera

August 1, 2012 @ 11:26 PM

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I got that Herschel x Stussy one.

The black herschel x stussy cool
August 2, 2012 @ 12:07 AM

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@drewbacca they hold up great very nice quality backpack

shit man you're such a badass with your middle finger up. Hopefully your mom doesn't catch you though, then how you gonna get any new clothes if you're in trouble?

I lol'd so hard

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August 2, 2012 @ 01:33 AM

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been had olive herschelxstussy
August 2, 2012 @ 03:41 PM

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August 6, 2012 @ 12:59 AM

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Just picked this up today.

Absolutely love it. Im always been into bags and this is by far the best bag i've owned. Nice inner layer too with pockets. They have tons of colorways, too.

August 6, 2012 @ 01:27 AM

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Why did you change your shirt for the second picture


August 6, 2012 @ 03:14 AM

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i didnt faggot its the same insight shirt i bought in paris cool
August 6, 2012 @ 03:59 AM


Go with NFs purple label or Penfield. I've tried both Jansport and Herschel and I really dislike that "crushed" look that happens overtime. Not that durable in my opinion either. All opinion based, just giving you my experiences.
August 6, 2012 @ 05:53 AM

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^ whats this bag called? heard it has a shoe compartment?

It's called the "Walton" its a 36L bag.

Heres a pic of the shoe compartment,

August 6, 2012 @ 11:30 AM

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Location: Ontario SAGLiFE TNF Purple Atmos Atmos

I don't know if you have an equivalent to MEC in the US, but MEC's got it on lock for styles and price, quality too.

Personally I have an Atmos backpack I got from the marketplace ~1 year ago, and a Y-3 canvas bag from the marketplace. Mine is different from those linked but I can say the quality is good though. I can't speak for TNF's quality, but they have some nice simple designs, hopefully the price is reflective of the quality. If you were Canadian though, I'd say MEC 100%

I'll just copy my post from the other bag thread.


August 7, 2012 @ 03:02 PM

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herschel bags are dope but i still got that nf hotshot from a while back. Ol trusty

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August 9, 2012 @ 04:00 AM

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north face. best quality.
I have the heckler (old version)
their current heckler that the north face is selling imo looks like trash
August 9, 2012 @ 04:27 AM

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stick with NF.
August 9, 2012 @ 09:18 PM

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jansport is cheap
August 9, 2012 @ 09:20 PM


Mission workshop.
August 9, 2012 @ 11:30 PM

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do herschel bags last long? thinking about coping a pop quiz, just for the laptop sleeve, do any of there other backpacks got good laptop sleeves that are durable ?
August 10, 2012 @ 10:42 AM

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do herschel bags last long? thinking about coping a pop quiz, just for the laptop sleeve, do any of there other backpacks got good laptop sleeves that are durable ?

I would give it a try. I've only heard good things about herschel.
August 11, 2012 @ 04:32 AM

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herschel got that good quailtyness. Ive had mine for over 2 years. it was its..notcool
August 11, 2012 @ 04:53 AM

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fuck herschel. every pinoy and white hypebeast has one. and they sell it at urban. so every hs kid's mom is gonna buy one for them now. just get a jansport. or a north face.
August 17, 2012 @ 09:16 AM

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You guys looking for a quality product with some grass roots in the states. Check out Revive Backpacks just launched out of Vegas. Cleanly designed imo Link

Revive Brand Co:

January 31, 2013 @ 12:08 AM

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@drewbacca they hold up great very nice quality backpack
Was the middle finger necessary? You're giving us a bad reputation. I've seen your other posts. They all seem to reflect ignorance and how much of a douchebag you are. Grow up.
January 31, 2013 @ 12:21 AM

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Not exactly the most fashionable but definitely functionable, I'd recommend a laptop backpack from high sierra. I bring 2-3 books + binders to college everyday along with my laptop. With a High Sierra backpack all that weight feels like nothing. Don't believe me, look it up on Amazon, super high ratings.
January 31, 2013 @ 01:24 AM

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My backpack, Camo4lyfejustincaseineedtohideorjointhearmyhype.

.wa do dem.

January 31, 2013 @ 07:32 AM

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it will be too big if for me. 
February 7, 2013 @ 02:00 AM

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word, good looking out fellas. was wondering about overall quality & durability of herschels myself. and was definitely gonna recommend them good ol' jansport classic junts but dudes still on it like they supposed to be

what's the difference between me and you?

February 8, 2013 @ 12:46 AM
2 Phone Shawty

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@drewbacca they hold up great very nice quality backpack
Sticking your middle finger up, Your so swag bro.

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February 10, 2013 @ 04:46 AM

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i like supreme backpacks cuz #supreme


February 10, 2013 @ 04:59 AM

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Join Date: Jan 2013 if you're into something flashy-er than normal.

TNF is always good all around.

My old ass nike backpack is still 3 years and kickin.

lawx bohgo

February 10, 2013 @ 05:30 AM

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Buy my supreme x tnf day backpack.

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