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This is a serious thread.
All of us have one thing in common and that is the influence of streetwear on our everyday fits. In recent years streetwear has changed dramatically and at this point in time it seems to have taken a turn for classics and cleanlinesss. Such as basic staple items that can be used w/ various different outfits and pieces. Versatility is the trend right now... but what does streetwear have in store for us in the future?

I'm looking for positive input and hopefully I get an intellectual discussion going on.

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Great thread but i dont think streetwear is actually taking the turn, i think its the people that are making the turn.. Its also the brands from the beginning that are getting away from streetwear because they are getting older and same with the people who were rocking streetwear years ago.. There is point when u grow out of it i think but still like what the culture has to give.. If u look, younger kids are dressing like some of us did in 04-06 but we have grown out of that look, but thats actually streetwear.. Some brands have pushed out of streetwear completely or now cater to both like supreme for instance.. Supreme i feel has to types of pieces, ones for the younger crowd and another for the older guys who are out of streetwear..More brands are like this as well such as stussy with there regular collection and there deluxe.. Some brands just stay with the whole streetwear for the kids like The Hundreds.. I just think some younger kids want to jump on the "older" look especially if they have been into streetwear for awhile.. Then there is some dudes who still love the streetwear shit and continually wear it.. But i dont think streetwear is actually changing cause u see all the younger kids dressing in it and its become the way of the teen.. I still think in the future it will be the same, just go in a cycle but will have inspiration from outside sources..
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I agree completely. All trends aside, the companies that arguably founded the realm of cool independent clothing that we call streetwear are growing up and the collections that are put out are growing up with them. The D.I.Y, exclusive, counterculture spirit is what makes streetwear streetwear, and is an idea that kids really get behind. Streetwear is just like any other niche in fashion which will continue to evolve. So all in all, the "old guys" are starting to show their age, but the kids that were consumers buying from the old guys appreciate the founding counter culture principle of streetwear and will continue to evolve and appreciate streetwear regardless of trends.

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Good thread....I'm launching my line sometime this month myself and I'm always doing research so I enjoy shit like this. Streetwear is definitely expanding to include different facets of fashion. Such as cut & sew goods, lifestyle products, etc....but at its core its still all about the t-shirt. I love seeing newer brands slowly rising to the surface here and on other forums with a couple t-shirts a clean website and great presentation. Through one t-shirt we start to think of all the things a brand could be with continued support/prosperity and eventually get to see some evolve. Streetwear in the mainstream now seems to be a lot about collaborations, lifestyle products, and the "grow-man look". Its also interesting seeing the actual mainstream's reaction to streetwear they still don't know what the fuck their looking at lol. If that line at supreme this past Thursday was any indication of things to come. Then 2012 is going to be a really interesting year. There's going to be a lot of corny shit coming out and a lot next level ish seemingly coming out of nowhere. I'm personally looking forward to it. I think all the kids who've been steeped in streetwear for the past 4 to 6 years are going to take everything they've learned and absorb and start doing there own thing and all the bandwagonners are going to follow suit. A new generations of innovators and posers. I'm ready cool
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December 5, 2014 @ 12:27 AM
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And what about now, 5 years later with street luxe?
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street luxe and street goth needs to die already.  these noob brands trying to be like a chanel or some shit are getting really tiresome.  everybody's "new line" looks exactly the same in most cases. 

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