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hey everyone. I'm new to the forum, i found it thanks to joshy d. let me tell u a little about myself. i was born and raised in los angeles and have always been into graff and streetwear. i'm married to a graffiti legend "BIG5" thus the name Mrs. Five Clothing. i started my line a little over a year ago and i've been picked up by lots of stores in los angeles and now im expanding to S.F. and up the west coast to canada. all my designs are created by me or other well known L.A. graff writers. I'm keeping it small and very limited edition, i dont have big $$$ backers. let me know if u any questions, comments or suggestions. u can check me out on my web mrsfiveclothing.com or myspace.com/mrsfiveclothing. or my new blog mrsfiveclothing.blog.spot.com
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I'm still a virgin..
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thats nice...
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Welcome to Hypebeast.com

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cool story....
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sick spam, bro.
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