Marvel vs. Capcom 2

Jun 29, 2012 @ 17:38
Nah im on psn

I mostly use psylocke/cyclops/ someone else but ill probably end up trying to get
good with magneto, storm, rogue or something.

Ive seen some damn good players that dont use upper tier and god tier characters though but almost everyone that plays mvc2 online nowadays is really good anyway ever since mvc3 and umvc3 came out.

Also im playing on a pad but i was thinking of switching to a stick since it seems to be
better for a lot of fighting games anyway. The only games im pretty good at on pad are the sf4 series really.

The stick helps a lot, but a good one costs at least $100. Its a big learning curve too though.
Jun 29, 2012 @ 22:01
True, thats what held me back from buying a fightstick in the past because i didnt wanna spend that much money on something that would take so long for me to get the hang of.
Jul 01, 2012 @ 03:13
Hell yea a stick is fucking hard to use. I like using 6 button games on my pad instead, but 4 button games, like BB, GG, and KOF, I use my TE fight stick. IF YOU HAVE A FFFOUND.COM INVITE MSG ME

Jul 01, 2012 @ 06:33
Couldn't you just win this by constantly switching characters?

also i remember i got a bigass blister on my thumb from playing this game lol

̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏ ̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏̏

Jul 01, 2012 @ 06:37
Not online, I get stuck in some pretty long ass combos.
Jul 01, 2012 @ 16:09
I know this is a Marvel thread but where you street fighter 4 people at?
PSN: Rainkun4, super street fighter 4 AE only

on another note, i currently own a stick and it's hard to get used to. i've had sticks before but ended up selling them cause i was too anxious to get good again. on pad I have monstrous execution from all the muscle memory but on stick it's only 75% time I'll hit the combo.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Jul 03, 2012 @ 21:19
Where's all the UMVC3 players at!?


Jul 26, 2012 @ 19:45
umvc3 is nothing compared to mvc2
Aug 27, 2012 @ 06:09
umvc3 is nothing compared to mvc2

yes umvc aint nothing.


*2Pac laugh*

Sep 04, 2012 @ 16:14
I havent played in a while but all I remember team-wise was that I always had Strider as my main bitch

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