April 7, 2013 @ 02:08 PM
Tony Montana

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So the dude's name is DayZ100 (this was showed at the playstation event) and Bohemian Interactive is on of Sony's many
partners. What do you people think? They alwaysput those little things in on purpose. 

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April 7, 2013 @ 04:13 PM
Johnny Quid

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there is talk about day z coming out on the new consoles but i think that is just a screen name..

ps3 & 4 is fucc boys thou
April 18, 2013 @ 07:52 AM

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they might make one for the xbox its called dayz standalone but they said there goanna focus more on the PC
May 20, 2013 @ 10:58 PM

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I think this is likely a hint... and a good eye on your part.
I did not notice it and have been following the playstation 4 blog for a long time...lol again, great eye for finding such a small subtle hint.
September 17, 2013 @ 11:12 AM

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i would be the cool

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