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December 08, 2012 @ 04:12:12
Originally posted by Inactive User
I'm still playing Absolution but it is definitely not a real Hitman game for me. Even though the same production team created it and I understand them trying to spin the game off into a new tangent, I feel like the IP really loses its core values in the transition. I loved the fact that the game just dropped you off into an open level and you worked your way into a creative way to kill whatever target you had to. That was the FUN in it for me. I always loved to just explore the levels and see what crazy ways I could kill the targets and what I could possibly do. However, much of that open world is lost in Absolution where its mostly get from Point A to Point B, which is mainly a door and you are off to the next area. It feels almost more like a platformer than a real Hitman entity.

Absolution is definitely in no way a bad game in a general sense but it certainly suffers a false identity under the Hitman title since it goes against the grain of the IP. It is entertaining, it is in a way fun, but the aspect that I know and love of Hitman games like Hitman 2, Contracts or Blood Money simply are lost and not to be found.

Also, don't get me started on the bullshit disguise mechanic. Enemies have like xray vision to always see through your disguises. That is by far the worst concept of the game. Luckily, I heard Eidos is trying to patch it up a bit to make it more fair.
I never played previous Hitman but I agree. Sometimes, i just wanna kill people rather than having to sneak by.


December 08, 2012 @ 04:52:11
Originally posted by Inactive User
I never played previous Hitman but I agree. Sometimes, i just wanna kill people rather than having to sneak by.
That tactic is still present in Absolution but sometimes it really feels like that is the only way that is to run and gun through the level since the few checkpoints sometimes can ruin a whole long section of sneaking and hiding which has to be done over again if you can't hide and wait it out. Sometimes even the enemies just stay at your hiding place after the whole alarm and you are stuck to either keep hiding or climb out and be discovered again. Overall, some patches are needed for this game.
March 25, 2013 @ 05:16:57

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April 18, 2013 @ 04:17:39
this game was amazing, i had so much to do, played every stage at least 3 times already. with different methods everytime
May 11, 2013 @ 12:51:12
How does this compare to Blood Money?
May 18, 2013 @ 05:49:11
How does this compare to Blood Money?
It's a lot worse than blood money IMO.  I'd give blood money a 9.5 (huge hitman fan) and I'd give this about a 6.5
May 19, 2013 @ 01:00:54
yeah....... it's a good game there is one level that feels like no country for old men...the hotel level
May 23, 2013 @ 13:59:38
Great Game but Blood Money kills that shit ;)
June 03, 2013 @ 09:04:16
my favorite game i played this year still have metro last light to play through 
September 08, 2013 @ 14:13:53
I am late on this one but this is one of the best games I have played in years. So much fun and great story. I keep flipping my tactics every level. Can't believe I slept on this one.

I like Polo and stuff.

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