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a reboot of the series
now an open world, survival adventure game


Influences: Many games have been taken as an influence in different degrees during the conception of this new Tomb Raider:

Physics from Half Life 2 - The usage of gravity or water currents was already explored in this classic game. Here such concepts will be put to use with boxes and barrels.
Athmosphere of Uncharted - Nathan's soliloquies will be "imited" by Lara, as well as the extreme situations for the main character.
The "vision" of Assassin's Creed - Ezio's Eagle Sight isolates different objectives using colours. Lara will be able of something simmilar using her Instinct of Survival.
The Origins of Batman Begins - The first act in the film showed the hard path of Bruth Wayne to become Batman. That "hero's journey" will guide the first steps of Lara.
The suffering of 127 Hours - In that movie, the main character has to punish his body so hard to survive. The most famous scene in the film inspired the guys at Crystal Dynamics to force Lara's resistance to the limit.
The mysteries of Lost - Extrange wrecked ships? An island long lost in the middle of the sea and full of mysteries? The influences of the plot of Lost has been aknowledged by the developers. Will there be polar bears? "... happened around her, but now we want to make believable the fact that she's in the world, and that she connects with it", says Karl.

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this looks interesting.
i wanna see gamplay.


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