July 8, 2009 @ 09:40 PM

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So I was thinking, I just recently got the Red Ring of Death and really dont feel like shipping it back to Microsoft and wait couple months to get it back or take it apart myself and try and fix it myself. So I thought of this idea of buying a new Xbox 360 and doing the old switch-a-roo with my old Xbox 360 to the new one and returning it back to the store, would that be safe to do...? and would there be any other shit I gotta switch aswell?razz
July 8, 2009 @ 11:35 PM
unknown force.

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i've done this idk how many times with bestbuy, did it with some wiis at wal-mart too. i suggest going to wal-mart cause they're pretty slowwww. you're going to have to open the case and swap out the interior, since they check the serial numbers. i've done it so much i can open the case by just opening the front without popping out the rivets in the back but if you do just make sure you don't leave too many marks. there is 1 serial number in the back and 1 under the faceplate, normally they just check the one on the back. basically you just swap the guts

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