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Vans Vault, syndicate- discussion thread

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Yeezy "3" Revealed

Latest by Tony, 3 days ago

Anyone able to ID these ~2000's Adidas?

Latest by PHRENESE, 7 days ago

Nike Came through big time for this 16 year old with cerebral palsy

Latest by dominicmilan, 9 days ago

Can someone help me identify this vintage brand >>

Latest by Afterhours, 13 days ago

Nice shoes to wear with shorts in summer?

Latest by Love Shoes, 14 days ago

Nike air max 1, post pics of your favorite!

Latest by CLOSED24x7, 2 Weeks ago
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Identify... As usual

Latest by Relax., 2 Weeks ago

Legit Check Nike Air Force 1 x Tisci SP White Low

Latest by grompton, 2 Weeks ago

List of Legit Sneaker Sites

Latest by Anthos, 2 Weeks ago

Which model are that Nike sneakers?

Latest by 27seesall, 2 Weeks ago

Personal Top 5 kicks in my collection [Reeboks] [Jordans] [Lebrons] ETC.. Whats yours?

Latest by C-Victory, 2 Weeks ago

VISVIM Footwear Thread

Latest by SonOfRise, 2 Weeks ago
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Got my hands on a pair of the Y-3 Qasa High - (Triple Black) before Aug 22nd!

Latest by adoboFosho, 2 Weeks ago

Nike SB Thread

Latest by Vallen Goldshmidt, 2 Weeks ago
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Nike Air Max Plus (TN)

Latest by suplemeforsale, 2 Weeks ago

Upcoming Release Discussion

Latest by RISE ABOVE SXA, 2 Weeks ago

Real Bapes or Fapes ??

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Jordan XI Low "Georgetown" - What time is release?

Latest by Frankyboy, 2 Weeks ago

Air Jordan 2014 Releases/Speculation Thread [CHECK 1ST PAGE FOR DATES]

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WHERE TO BUY?: Gonz Adidas Superstar 80s

Latest by knitluna, 2 Weeks ago

Nike air max 1 patch US release time

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Sizing Balenciagas

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New Balance Discuss

Latest by waffle999, 2 Weeks ago
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Japan Exclusive Vans!! Summer drop!

Latest by oyabun1, 2 Weeks ago

reebok x 24k 35 year pumps

Latest by b-r-ate, 2 Weeks ago

The Domenico Sneakerboot Video Official Pre-Release Kickstarter

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Tubular mocs

Latest by the truth, 2 Weeks ago

Sl Loop Moc Mesa

Latest by ice13water, 2 Weeks ago

Common Projects fit pics

Latest by allroadstar, 2 Weeks ago

adidas x Jeremy Scott Wings “Dark Knight”

Latest by X3DAMIAVA, 2 Weeks ago

Converse shoes sizing help

Latest by fatyak17, 2 Weeks ago

Shoe fits

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Good running shoes under $50?

Latest by Olive C, 2 Weeks ago

Which J is more heat?

Latest by rossmorimoto, 2 Weeks ago

[eS Skateboarding] : 2014 Discussion Thread

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Nice all white trainers?

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Sizing on Red Wing Boots?

Latest by wavyguy, 2 Weeks ago

New Balance 1500

Latest by francis.theroux, 2 Weeks ago

Slept on Sauconys

Latest by awsbball, 2 Weeks ago