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New footwear concept/brand launching - need you!

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Kravat Footwear

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Air Jordans Authentic check!!

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Janoski shoes hurt my feet

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Retroing Nike SB

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ACG Trainerendor

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Jordan 5s Infrared Sizing

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Nike KD 6 "DC"

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Jordan 6's authenticity check please.

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Dirty Vans: Sexy, or not? (No homo!)

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Can you identify these shoes?

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Can someone ID these New Balances?

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Which color vans?

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Generic surplus

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MITA x SBTG x NB Release

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Nike Airforce fitting?

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Timberland Boots

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New Doses X Converse Alligator Belly His

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Any 3D printers out there? Shoebox prototype

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Nike Foamposite Oregon Ducks Release

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CLAE Footwear

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Official Red Wing Shoes Thread

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New Balance 574 Sonic Weld Sizing Help

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Balenciaga Arena Sneakers

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Nike dunk Coraline High

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Does anyone ordered from Sneaker Freaker before?

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Help IDing these nike frees

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CDG Chucks Legit Check

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Anyone wearin' Gourmet kicks?

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Nike Air Jordan 6 LC Please

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Clarks Wallabee Help

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Legit Check Concord 11s

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Help to find Jordans

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Huarache LE's, Mowabb Inspired

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Nike Flyknit Trainer White/Black Size 12

Latest by hefei201301, 2 Weeks ago

Any ideas on how i should wear the SB Gibson?

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Can someone identify these shoes

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