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November 7, 2006 @ 11:21 PM

Post: 232

Join Date: Aug 2006

how do 5's fit? do they fit like air max 90s? dunks?
November 8, 2006 @ 04:16 AM

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Join Date: Mar 2006

Location: NorCal

true to size now a days
November 8, 2006 @ 09:04 PM

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Join Date: Sep 2006

Location: NYC

I wear a 9 in regular Dunks, 9.5 in Dunk SBs....but generally a 9 and the size 9 AJVs fit PERFECTLY...they feel good...mmmm
November 8, 2006 @ 09:08 PM
BigHed BapeSta

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Join Date: Feb 2006

Location: Brooklyn NY!!!!

true to size...but da back of da heel hurts on my green beans, grapes, black/caros....but fuckit theyre hot imo
November 8, 2006 @ 09:10 PM

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Join Date: Nov 2006

Location: Toronto, Canada

I say half a size bigger

I wear 9 Dunks, and I bought 9 V's and they fit like 9.5
November 11, 2006 @ 07:50 PM

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Join Date: Nov 2006

yeah my V's are bigger,
November 16, 2006 @ 10:02 PM
sofa king dope

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Join Date: Nov 2006

Location: vallejo

they fit splendid hahah...seriously tho yea they fit true to size
November 16, 2006 @ 11:48 PM

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Join Date: Jun 2006

Location: in the USA!

true to size...
November 17, 2006 @ 09:58 PM

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Join Date: Jul 2006

Location: NorCal

Truthfully I wear mine a Half a size smaller. Keeps the creases away. But I do have a wide foot, so that might have something to do with it.
November 19, 2006 @ 04:17 PM

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Join Date: Sep 2006

Location: Brooklyn

true to size exactly..dont go bigger than your size...
November 19, 2006 @ 06:21 PM
mad digits

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Join Date: Aug 2006

Keep in mind they are a basketball shoe, and they are a mid/high type thing, so they will feel tighter around the ancle etc.

I dont own a pair but ive tried some on before and was amazed at what they felt like. They are comfortable, but also feel really supporting around the ancle.
November 22, 2006 @ 11:14 PM

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Join Date: Sep 2006

Location: NYC

I stand by my original statement. I tried on both 8.5 and 9.5 olives, while they were somewhat acceptable, the 9 fit perfectly.

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