December 29, 2006 @ 07:56 AM

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Im looking for a backback that sticks to your body. I'm talking about when you wear it, the bag doesn't stick out making you look like a humpback. I was looking at this supreme bag and wonder if you guys have seen or tried it, does it stick to your body?

(black one)
December 30, 2006 @ 07:24 PM

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December 30, 2006 @ 08:55 PM


marc jacobs black patent leather backpack that came out awhile ago. pick it up on ebay if you can. gold patent leather too....and silver. theyre northface size with 100 hanging straps/buckles as well
December 31, 2006 @ 02:12 AM

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incase is pretty lowprofile and they fit nice to your body

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