[Less Taiwan] - 2012 Discussion Thread

September 22, 2012 @ 02:12:01 AM
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that polka dot blue looks fucking great.
tnx for the info on the brand, i didn't even know about them.
October 05, 2012 @ 17:47:14 PM
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Does anyone know what time LESS drop new releases?
October 07, 2012 @ 02:12:08 AM
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honestly? this is by far the dopest camp cap of 2012 this far. that suede brim is smokeyface smokeyface smokeyface

that and their camo piece earlier this year were solid

absolutely. you know someone who sells that eagle camp?

@steff90 u looking for a less eagles hat. i got one for sale
October 09, 2012 @ 01:16:41 AM
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how fast do these guys ship? if ya'll could post what state you live in and how many days it took, i would be grateful.

ordered the grey balloons and the blue swallow hat today, i got the blue polkadot/ floral thing in a trade and i love it
November 02, 2012 @ 20:20:17 PM
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I've a got a less eagles for sale $75
November 08, 2012 @ 16:03:30 PM
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How reliable is http://lesscrew.bigcartel.com/products for shipping? No scamming eh, they're legit?
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