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What's good my HB brethrens ! Here's a new line my partners & I created called emotiTee. Basically every image is an emoticon, but we gave each face its own "backdrop" or story so to speak. The first emoticons we're debuting are the "KnockOut" & "TongueOut". Each shirt comes with an explaination for the particular emoticon. We have them available for sale for men & women on our webshop which you can find on our website

While we're only selling t-shirts for the time being, our goal is to expand to polos, sweaters, cardigans, etc. & release more new emoticons in the months to come. We also want to put these shirts in a few boutiques. If you have any questions, feedback, hate mail, etc. please feel free to hit us up at [email][/email]. =O]-

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looks like a hot topic tee :check out my artwork and photos thanks

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so what happens when you run out of emoticons to use?

and you should use this one (^^^)

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No creativity at all.
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