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Going, to paris so any tips for good stores including colette?

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As you said it, you must see chez colette (213 rue Saint-Honoré 75001 Paris). Even if I hate this place, its still a well known place and colette have some Original Fake, Bape, Cool Cats exclusivity. Don't forget to check the water bar and the first floor with all the createurs product like Rick Owens, Damir Doma, Pierre Hardy, Louis Vuitton, Yves Saint Laurent, ...

Go also on le Jardin Des Tuilleries, its a great garden I found it very beautiful you can chill here.

Then, go to Starcow Paris (68 rue Saint-Honoré, 75001 Paris). You will find some nice product like Porter, Stussy, Undefeated, Norse Projects, Fuct, Tantum LA, Diamond Supply, Nike (running) and of course on the second store (next to the carhartt shop on the same sidewalk) some diamond shoes, vans, stakedecks, ...
Sometimes the guys at starcow are rude but don't mind, enter in and say hello and watch their items.

Between the two Starcow stores, there is a Carhartt Store (66 Rue Saint-Honoré FR-75001 Paris). A good place, guys are cool and they speak very well spanish and english. If you need some help ask them. this carhartt have some limited item like the Carhartt x Undercover umbrella (masterpiece) and some Carhartt x Fragment Design or Carhartt x Adam Kimmel.

In front of these stores you'll find a small Vans Store (93 Rue Saint-Honoré 75001 Paris). Cop your basic Vans here there have planty of choice, ask them if you don't find something but remember that they don't have many limited product (like the upcoming Van Doren collection) if you want a specific collection ask to starcow.

There plenty of store behind all this little street, check out the Foot Locker (45 Rue de Rivoli, Paris) they can have some good sneakers but many of their customers are some ordinary joes and tourist that are not hypebeasts.
There a House Of Hoops to an another Foot Locker in Châtelet-Les Halles(6 Rue Pierre Lescot, Paris, France) you can finds #rare jordan and air force 1 here (vac tech, bhm, new realease, ...) but remember one thing : HoH in France is the same as in USA : they are crooks and don't hesitate to take some jordan or air force for themselves before the release day !

Next stop, Nike Store (Les Halles) (24 rue Aubry Le Bouycher, 75004 Paris). If you want some Kobe or Lebron, some Nike Sb or 6.0, or some Running and Football (soccer) jersey and equipement you'll find all here. People are nice they can help you no problem. You may find some Sneakerheads here for campouts or the morning of a release day.
In front of Nike there is Puma and a KFC.

Look at the Citadium Caumartin/Beaubourg (50/56 rue Caumartin - 75009 PARIS) next to the Nike and the Starbucks. They have some Obey, Edwin, North Face, New Era, Vans, Superdry, Adidas, ... Sellers sucks, they don't know shit but If you are here take a look.

Look at the Georges Pompidou Center.
Did you know that le centre Georges Pompidou (also called Beaubourg) was the inspiration of Tinker Hatfield for the Nike Air Max ? He saw the system of tubes and pipes and he said "why I don't use the same method by showing the AIR system on the shoes ?"

No homo but you will now enter the Gay discrict of Paris. You'll find here a very nice shop called Black Rainbow (68 Rue des Archives 75003 Paris) you will find some Porter, Less, Penfield, Barbour, Stussy, some very limited Supreme product, OF, Only NY, aNYthing, ...
You can go there Sundays cause they do some brunch every sundays. there are always peoples and the french croissant is excellent taste it (pause).

Nike du Marais "Librairie" (12 rue des Hospitalières Saint-Gervais 75004 Paris) near Muji is a good place for running sneakers. Peoples who have their habits here don't know about sneakers so you have the choice even in nike apparel ! Sellers can speak english very well and can help you, it's a small shop through no many people go there.

Sorry I have to go, I don't finish my shops review but you see there is a lot of shop in Paris.
If you want some more let me know. I hope this can help you to enjoy your visit in this amazing town...
June 12, 2012 @ 07:37 AM

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Wow, this was great! Thanks a lot!
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Wish I read this yesterday, leaving Paris tomorrow morning :/

WTB: Palace Versafe tee S

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I'm going paris tomorrow thanks dude
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You must see designer boutiques, perfumeries, Eiffel tower. When I was in Paris I bought a wonderful perfume - perfumy evidence. You must drink coffee on the Seine.

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