Straight outta compton

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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

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Mad Max: Fury Road

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HBO's Game of Thrones

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Fast & Furious 7

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What's the saddest movie scene you have seen recently?

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What's The Last Movie That You've Seen?

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How Big is your Porn Collection?

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jackie chan in a porno?

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Addictive Anime

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Suicide Squad (2016)

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The Walking Dead

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Anybody watch the HBO show BALLERS?

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True Detective

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My homeboys started an animated show called "Dolphinhood." Here's the prelude episode.

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What are you watching?

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just watched Lucy(2014)

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Steven Universe

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Ex Machina

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This shit is intense

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Re-Watching Lost

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Better Call Saul [Breaking Bad Spinoff]

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So they're bringing back Frieza in the next dragonball Z movie.....Vol Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

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Great Shots

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It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

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Rick and Morty Discussion Thread

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The Official X-Files Appreciation Thread

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best shows growing up?

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windwalkers, who wants to walk with me?

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House of Cards

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Official Netflix Suggestions/Recommendations Thread

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I need some fucking awesome movies to torrent.

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Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens

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Interstellar discussion (SPOILER)

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Mad Men

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