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coolcool (bootleg teaser from ComicCon)

Description if you can't make out the trailer:


The footage started with a computer generated guy peeking around a corner. He had light blue glowing lines on him. As the dude peeked around the corner a sound can be heard, a low rumble.

Keep in mind they didn’t announce what this was, just that it was a surprise presentation.

The guy hears the sound, getting louder, and he runs down the corridor, black obsidian walls. A vehicle speeds behind him and he jumps in the air, throwing a stick out in front of him and suddenly we’re underneath him as he jumps for it in mid-air, the lightcycle forming around him. He hits the ground running and the lightcycles battle.

They aren’t turning at hard angles anymore, the movement more fluid. The cycles slam into each other, knocking each other around like in a car chase, but the yellow and blue lines don’t touch in any of this.

The yellow cycle runs up on another level with a transparent floor, keeping an eye on the blue below. They get back on the same level and more close calls.

The guy in the blue cycle sees the crack in the wall. THE FISSURE that we know and love. The blue cycle races toward it, barely in the lead and makes the crack, the yellow cycle skidding to a stop within inches of the wall.

After a beat the yellow cycle speeds off. Then we’re with the POV of the blue cycle taking the turns in the fissure slowly and carefully. Then we see the yellow cycle racing along the top of the canyon, looking down at the blue cycle, then speeding ahead.

The blue cycle exits the other side and heads down a light-outlined corridor in the giant open space, seemingly alone. Out of nowhere, the yellow cycle puts on a booster burst of speed and cuts the blue cycle off.

The blue cycle crashes into the yellow line, shattering the vehicle and sending the blue rider flying through the air and crashing hard to the ground, sliding to the edge of a precipice, but he catches himself at the last minute, pulling his body back over the lip.

Then the most shocking moment of the trailer. We cut out of CG and into live action. A grey-haired and bearded Kevin Flynn… Jeff Mutha-******* Bridges… is sitting in a stark white room, seemingly meditating. His eyes open and he stands, walking to a large rectangular window and we see he’s overlooking the arena. He looks down at the yellow and blue rider.

The blue rider is defeated on the ground and the yellow rider walks toward him. We can see the blue rider’s face, a younger guy. The yellow rider’s face is obscured by a black faceplate. The yellow rider reaches back and grabs his disc from his back.

The blue rider looks scared and says, “Hey! It’s only a game!” The yellow rider’s visor lights up and it’s young Flynn’s face, 1982 Jeff Bridges. He says, “Not anymore,” and then goes for the kill. As he does the screen cuts to black and the title comes up: TR2N.

Tron was one my favourite movies growing up, and the teaser actually looks pretty good! Jeff Bridges on board to boot! coolcool

Don't know wtf is up with young flynn too though, should be fun though. &)
July 28, 2008 @ 07:42 AM

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I've honestly never heard of Tron, but I checked and it's awesome to see that Jeff Bridges is back for this sequel.

And dope when he jumps in the air and the cycle forms.
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I've honestly never heard of Tron

I'm so dissapointed in you

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I'm so dissapointed in you

lol, it's essential viewing, rent it now!
July 28, 2008 @ 11:18 PM

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I'm so dissapointed in you

^cosign 2x
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Daft Punk x Tron 2.0
Daft Punk are rumored to be scoring the cult classic Tron

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