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My name is Kyle, I'm 16 and I'm releasing a street wear/skating brand called "Skrubs".
Influenced by skating, drug use, music, culture, and other shit that i grew up with.
Brands basically everything I like and is releasing in a month or two. I need to know though if my prototype designs are good.
I will be releasing 3 tees: Kurt Cobain Tee, Skrubs logo tee, and the "Mortem" tee which isn't finished. 
Id like some opinions on the designs for the shirts, and overall design of the logo.

Heres the breakdown.

Kurt Cobain tee. 


Sorry bout the sizing of that picture.. But the cobain tee will be on a white tee, boxed in the middle of the tee. Im not to certain if it should say scrubs on the picture of kurt at all but yeah.

Logo Tee.

This image will be reduced to fit on the top left corner of the shirt on a white tee plain and simple.

Heres just other random design prototypes.

Adult swim logo

dual cicada 

Promo pic 

Please let me know what you guys think of the brand so far, and how i can improve on the designs of the brand. Aslo let me know what you think of the aesthetic, all feedback is encouraged.
Thanks for checking it out.
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so good dude!
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google images, nothing original, belongs on a clearance rack at a Hot Topic
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Ok this has to be a troll 


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Here's an idea, scratch all of that, have a self realization that your so called "influences" have yet developed you enough to be stretching to such a conception of clothing, .. well, even branding to be more precise. Then to further onto that, once you've aged, had an abundant of life experiences, and have truly come to know who you are, try dipping into a fitting category.
This is not meant to come off as purely rude, (as much as I know it is) I'm merely giving the opinion which you asked for.
At the age of 16, I'd encourage attempting another form of expression, e.g., drawing, writing, picking up an instrument. These would all be incredibly more gratifying when it comes to a relation of your [short] past life and the events that had enfolded throughout it, essentially building who you are.
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Keep drawing and conceptualizing. 

Revive Brand Co: www.revivebrandco.com

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think outside the box logo and pop television 


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the idea of making parodies and spin-offs of brand names, etc. is super played out. trying being a little more original and have some sort of general aesthetic and concept you want the entire brand to revolve around.
June 6, 2014 @ 09:52 AM
Atiqur Sumon

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Actually this is not bad

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