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October 24, 2013 @ 04:38 PM
Charles Tolle

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Hey all,

I've posted a similar thread before, but for this one in particular, I want to help myself and other upcoming designers gain experience and credit for their works.

I would still consider myself an amateur designer, but I have my fair share of experience with Photoshop and Illustrator. Generally, I design mixtape covers for local/upcoming artists around the internet, but would like to spread my knowledge to more than just that. One of my dream goals is to become a widely know graphic designer and possibly own my own clothing brand. Of course, both will take much time and I will need to practice much more on my work. But that's why I've created this post. Personally, designing random things for myself doesn't help me gain much experience. I would prefer to have someone request that I design something for them, finish the project and have them critique it. That's how I usually design my mixtape covers, at least. 

Feel free to email me at - - if you have any opportunities for me. I also welcome any other designers to post to this thread and advertise yourselves, email me if you want to share designs or we could all just share each others input. 

I want to prove to my family and friends that I can make a living out of this. I come from a small town in South Texas, where there isn't much opportunity for me to achieve these goals of mine. 

Thank you all for your time (if you had the patience to read),
November 10, 2013 @ 07:30 PM
Street Kitten

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Creating work for yourself keeps your skills sharp. It's also the biggest part of your portfolio and generally the only thing you can show prospective clients. Keep in mind the various sectors of design you want to get into- album covers, logos, illustrations(if you do that), etc. Create personal art for as many of them as you can.

I've had a few clients, but started doing free requests a few months ago on DeviantArt simply because there is very little freelance work for my industry and skill level. I use those designs in my portfolio and listed as clients. If you have client work, ASK them prior to including it to your portfolio. Legally it belongs to them. For your personal work, consider looking into a cost effective way to copyright them or prove it belongs to you. There is a TON of art theft happening. Many from foreign, Asian countries. I know a few artists struggling to get their work removed from these thieves.

Sign up at There are big name artists using this site as well. You can do commissions directly on DA or provide a link to your site. Research what the average rate is for designs. If you do not have a large portfolio or your skills are sub-par, price them slightly less than others. Don't expect a client to pay the same price or more than what an established designer is charging.

Create a profile on or any other portfolio site. It's best to use free services until you make enough money to use larger, better sites. Participate in contests/project sites: Look into classes. Read books online or go to the library. Research CURRENT laws and rules about freelance work and legal rights you have.

Also combine your twitter, instagram and tumblr accounts. Don't have them, get them. Almost every major creative business has one. Your focus is about spreading your work around and networking. *Note- some social sites only run on smart phones*

Best of luck &

March 3, 2014 @ 11:16 AM

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