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Concerning Barcelona, there are only two places to stay if you want to approach your trip with lavishness and luxury: The W Hotel and El Palauet Living. The first being the most exuberant and on the upside closer to the beach, most tourists would find this the best available choice. Being it that there are two reasons to go to Barcelona, one being the beach and the other the city, the W isn't really close to the center. And that's where El Palauet Living comes in.

Located between two enormous apartment buildings, right in the middle of the Passeig de Gracia, is a place of heaven so different from the architectural style of Gaudi infused throughout Barcelona that it almost feels as if you left the hectic city and came back to your private cloud up in the sky. Now we won't lie, as we didn't stay in neither of these hotels due to the hefty price-tag for staying over, but we did visit the deluxe hotel to see what all the fuss was about.

There is a reason for paying from €499,00 euro's a night to the impressive sum of €1.120,00, as it includes a whole list of amazing perks. El Palauet Living Barcelona puts at your disposal a personal assistant whose goal is to make your stay with them an unforgettable experience. Your assistant is prepared to provide a series of a la carte services such as to organize a chef to prepare your breakfast in your kitchen room, to organize your meals, even when your choice is going to be organic, and everyday shopping, laundry service, a massage, a hairdresser and make-up artist, a personal shopper, a personal trainer, babysitting, car rental, and tickets for shows. Classy? I think so. Not convinced? Here a few images of why to stay there:

More photo's:

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