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Today screams teeth rotting with the amount of sweetness that we seen walking through the sun of Barcelona. As we now worry about our sugar levels, having seen the finest that the city has to offer when it comes to candy, we start off with our story on Happy Pills. Readers, thanks for waiting, the doctor is now ready to see you.  

And we have to admit, we have become addicted to the pills that this amazing concept store has to offer. While the stores in Barcelona are fairly smaller compared to the stores in Bilbao and Zaragoza, which is a choice we don't necessarily understand, we still were blown away by the concept of the Spanish candy-heaven itself.

Entering the store, you pick up a medicine bottle or even a jar, depending on the size and amount of candy that you want. You pay per jar or other plastic container, instead of paying per gram which is the method in various candy stores, making it more economical. Remember the days where you filled a bag and the price afterwards gave you a heart attack, don't worry, Happy Pills will only give you diabetes. 

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