May 17, 2011 @ 05:32 PM

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Hello everyone at Hypeast,

We are KusoVinyl & KusoPop. We are a designer toy company producing limited edition of urban vinyl toys. We work closely with several artists around the world, such as Rotobox, Nakanari, Jesse Hernandez, kaNO, TobyHK, in turning their artworks into vinyl figure.

We also have a sub-brand named "KusoPop" that specializing in designer clothing and accessories.

Please check us out at KusoVinyl & KusoPop's sites.
Thank you everyone for your support!
Kuso Team
May 17, 2011 @ 05:56 PM
mr mcgibblets

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send me a free sample.
June 5, 2011 @ 09:53 PM

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send me a free sample.

July 21, 2011 @ 01:57 PM

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Awesome! Thanks to the Kuso Team for all their hard work. Props to ROTOBOX for his work, always fresh!

September 3, 2011 @ 08:40 PM

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Very cool looking site!...very tempted to buy now
February 5, 2012 @ 03:48 AM

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Thanks guys for your comments!! We just have our winter collection dropped at our website Check them out!!

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