Has anyone here heard of Big E raw selvedge denim?

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skinnier non selvedge raw denim

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Skinny fit (Like Cheap Monday) Selvedge Jeans in the UK?

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Benzak Denim Developers

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WTB light denim?

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Anyone fux with the denim with elastic ankles?

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Looking for all black denim <$100

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UNDFTD Selvedge Chino Pants

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raws in europe

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Official den.m bar thread - Custom Denim Workshop

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Clot x Levis. Help ID?

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Slubby denim

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Any1 ever go fet a pair of jeans tailered into apc new standered fit? thinkn bout doin this to some

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ksubi denim

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Kamikaze Attack

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The Offical Cheap Monday Denim Thread

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Best Light Wash Denim?

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Acne Ace Jeans sizing

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Denim Rotations

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The Official Collegiate Denim Evolution Thread

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Denim for bigger guys?

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polo ralph lauren jeans

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Denim Stretch on N&F Weird Guy

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The Official EDWIN Thread

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Jean Manufacturers in North America

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Cheapish Black Denim

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Experiances with getting Denim taken in?

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Content Partnerships

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Rustic Dime Khaki Pants

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black raw denim with zipper pockets

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Latest by johnathan, 2 Weeks ago


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Waxed Jeans

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Best place to get denim in Manhattan???

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Evisu X Puma

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Analog Jeans

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Cuffed Jeans ("Sweatpants" Jeans)

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