Complicated tailor/hem question for selvege jeans

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What do you guys do with jeans that are too big/baggy/long?

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chainstitching at the store

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Obey Standard Issue

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Anyone own ORISUE denim?

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Best Shoes to Wear with Levis

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simon miller jeans - any good??

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B.o.B's Jeans?

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Undftd denim

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Japanese denim brands quality

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Vans Denim, yes Vans

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Whats in your pockets..

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Evisu online store.. anyone else have problems??? legit?

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Need help remembering a demin website

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Tilly's selvedge. SMH.

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Denim Storage

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Shrinkage question

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Sizing Help: Orisue Simmons Slim Fit Denim

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Are skinny jeans dead?

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Vataku by xxxx

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511 OR 514 Levis?

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What is the most famous fenom jeans all time?

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Hot Soak Problem

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Propr Denim?

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For Sale Brand New Apple Macbook Air.$600 and Apple iPod 20 GB

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helphelphelphelphelp vol. its a crisis

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Benny Gold Standard

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Need help jeans shrinkage

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What is the best online store/store(preferably in LA) to buy raw denims?

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501 fitting question.

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''destroyed jeans'' suggestion

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ne1 here wear paco jeans

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Any stores sell LVC denim in NYC

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Denim ideas

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How to wash raw chinos?

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How does a nikka make a BiG account

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Jeans in between 514s and 511s?

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