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Slim fit denim on budget?

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Anyone familiar with ACNE?

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Bluish/Grey/Silverish pair of Raw/Selvedge Denim? HELP!

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Where to buy CHEAP MONDAY online for US shoppers?

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very small whole in APCs

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J Brand

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How to make YOUR own denim jeans.....

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true religion

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Favorite Jean Brand ?

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some brands that have slim fit jeans

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Starting an Online Denim Store - ABCDENIM

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Big Thighs

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Mighty Healthy Denim Fit

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Official Elhaus Warbonnet Thread

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What brand jeans are these?

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DIOR RAW VS pure blue

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Where to buy?

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WHAT denim do u feel get the most detail after 1 yr of wear

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Solution to smelly denim(and all other clothes you cant wash)

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Suggestions for non-raw slim denim?

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H&M denim?

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Hufsf slim denim raw indigo

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Hall of Fade Global Denim Competition

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Basement Jaxx - Essential Mix

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denim similar to the levis 511

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