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July 07, 2012 @ 13:45:47
info on the fenom on the left? like what model

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July 13, 2012 @ 20:59:45
About 18 months of wear and 1 or 2 washes, I forget. Snapped this before I throw it in the wash one last time and retire them.

July 16, 2012 @ 02:45:37
It no longer buy levis pants for a long time. What are the best for skinny people like me?

edit: and take the opportunity to ask if someone has carhartt pants, and recommend?

July 17, 2012 @ 04:51:33
nvm, got it.
July 22, 2012 @ 03:37:03

still have not bought myself a levis 501 stf yet... went to a shitty macy's and they did not have any
but i did get these new levis 505 and trucker jacket... what do you guys think of the fit?
im 6feet 180lbs. jeans 31x34, jacket size M

July 31, 2012 @ 18:50:04
510 for the win
July 31, 2012 @ 21:04:57
Anybody got any fit pics of the commuter jean jacket???

Thinking about copping
July 31, 2012 @ 21:41:21

still have not bought myself a levis 501 stf yet... went to a shitty macy's and they did not have any
but i did get these new levis 505 and trucker jacket... what do you guys think of the fit?
im 6feet 180lbs. jeans 31x34, jacket size M

Jacket sizing looks good. Personally, I don't like the rolled up cuff look.
With those shoes, I think slimmer jeans would look better. 521, 513, 511.
These model can usually be found in most department store.
Also, consider a pair of raw denim ("Rigid"). Those are more in style now, and I personally think washed/distressed usually looks bad.

Doesn't necessarily have to be Levis either. Pacsun and similar stores have decent denim too.
Check out Gap's new selvedge denim (not last year's model, but the "updated" one). You should be able to find them on At $70 with very frequent 20-30% off, those are a great deal. r

I'd give your current fit a 5/10.
July 31, 2012 @ 22:04:23
damn 5/10 lol

well the shoes, i just threw em on... i actually usually wear my all white stansmith adidas shoes instead. For jeans,, i dont think i can wear 511. its too damn tight.... i dont know how people wear skinny jeans??? I do have muscular legs and i want to be comfortable, so thats why i stick with straight leg jeans. I just ordered a pair of Levis 501 shrink to fit black from zappos. I will get it by tomorrow!! It will be my first pair of shrink to fit raw denim? and hopefully it will fit me nice! I did not go for the rigid STF colorway, because i didint like the stitching color,,, and also i need black jeans, so went with the black stf!
July 31, 2012 @ 22:25:16
5/10 ain't bad. Your fit definitely isn't "bad", but it's different compared to most fits found on this website. Not a typical "hypebeast"fit.

IMO, (and opinions of different men's style magazine), all guys need a pair of dark indigo pair of jeans. They just go well with everything.

In terms of shoes, they just seem "flat" compared to straight legged jeans. Stan Smiths would definitely be better. Your pant legs seem to swallow your shoes.

I understand the 511 as those are super skinny. Try sizing up, and sagging (they're meant to be low rise anyways). Also, Consider the 513, slim straight, or even 521/520 tapered. I'm positive they will look much better.

Definitely share your experience with the 501 stf. Tagged size/actual size/shrunken size would be super helpful for others looking to get a pair of STF (like me haha).
August 01, 2012 @ 01:21:47
Yeah, first pair of STF im going with black and i will share pictures later when i get em. I would buy stf indigo, but they dont have it in stock right now, only the rigid and i didnt really like it. Indigo should be my next pair of shrink to fits.

Yes these shoes are really slim and flat, they are feiyue shoes. They are really good for martial arts,,, shaolin monks use em and i find them very comfy and also very inexpensive ~$15. Even if i fck them up i wont worry lol.

I normally wear my stansmith white adidas and yes they a bit bigger but still slim and clean. I also bought 2 nike bruin vintage 2012 in 2 colorways, the black suede and blue suede models. Loving the nike bruin vintages, feel so good on feet and look good with jeans.

When i go to the mall. i will try some skinny jeans and the tapered...

For the 501 stf, i got size 32x36. Im 6 feet tall, so 36 is a good length? Does the waist size shrink much? I know it shrinks in length, but how about in the waist?

August 01, 2012 @ 01:58:18 in Rigid. I recommend as your second pair.

I am 5'8", 165, and a tad overweight (big stomach), but I have thinner legs.
I'm normally size 32 Levis (in 511, 510), size 33 in Unbranded Skinnys. Also size 32-33 in most other jeans/pants.
I normally 30 inseam, or 32 inseam for some stackage.

I've only had 1 pair of Levi STF. I ordered size 31 x 34. Did a hot soak, and air dry. After the soak, length shrunk maybe 1.5in, and waist didn't shrink. After wearing them for 2 days, the waist stretched an inch. At the end, they were still too baggy for me, and I ended up selling them on Ebay for my money back.
Next pair I will purchase will be 30 x 32. (Size -2 down, +2 length).

I feel you on the Feiyue, they seem pretty nice. But with baggier jeans, they just look really small with such a big leg opening. You look like a fit guy, so fitted jeans will definitely look better. No necessarily skinny jeans, but a pair of tapered jeans.

Here are some fit pictures for reference.
Presoak (31x34).


Random outfit I wore with it out. Still too baggy around the thighs, and a little too long.

In the end, they were still a little too baggy. I love the denim though, weight and color. And I will be buying a new pair (30x32) next time I can find one on sale (under $30). I could have put it in the dryer, which would shrink it down a lot, but for my raw denim, I want to keep them dark, and wear them until they fade.

Extra random fit pictures:
Unbranded Skinny 33

Levi 511 Trousers 31 x 32

In my opinion, and in my experience, fitted jeans/pants, tend to look nicer.
Hope it helped.
August 01, 2012 @ 04:00:05
thanks for the help slap

damn i think i ordered the wrong size stf in black.. I am a size 31 waist in 505. I have a pair of regular 501 in 32 waist, and its tighter on the waist than my 31 waist 505. This does not make any sense! How can a 32 waist phbe tighter than a 31? I called up Levis 1800 number and they said it might be a defect. So anyways... for my STF black, i ordered 32x36. Maybe i should have ordered the 31x36 instead because 31 is my real waist size. So basicly the stf dont shrink at all on the waist. When i pick up my stf jean tomorrow, i just need to make sure it fits snug on my waist, then it should be the correct waist size right? If its a tiny bit loose on waist, then i will reorder it in size 31.

I plan to start joining the gym very soon and doing more leg workouts, so my legs might get even bigger lol, so maybe the straight leg will look more fitted later.

For the STF black, i was planning to soak it in hot water, then hang dry, then maybe try using the dryer. I dont know if i really need to follow all the rules people do to wear raw denim lol. Cant we just wash it and use dryer and wear it like normal jeans? Will it fade too fast this way?

Slap, looking at your 501 stf pictures, it didnt shrink at all on the waist lol. Damn levis 1800 lady told me it will shrink on waist. Look at the back view of your pants, there is a big puff on the ass. I dont like that! I hope it doesnt look like that on my jeans. Its like there is all this extra fabric in the ass and looks really weird. The 501 definitely look big on you.

Im also thinking of getting a pair of beige tan color pants like in your last picture. Its a good color and can match alot of different clothing. What is the name of that colorway?

August 01, 2012 @ 04:11:08
heres the picture of me wearing my regular 501 32waist. See that extra fabric on the back,, looks really bad. I dont have any of these problems in 505 jeans. Im 31 waist in 505. so it doesnt make sense that 32 501 can be tighter? Probably i really got a defect. Overall the regular 501, fits tighter from top to bottom compared to my 505s. I think 501 im suppose to wear it higher, but it feels uncomfortable, and also i dont want my pants falling off which is also bad too.

August 01, 2012 @ 04:15:28
thanks for the help slap
When i pick up my stf jean tomorrow, i just need to make sure it fits snug on my waist, then it should be the correct waist size right? If its a tiny bit loose on waist, then i will reorder it in size 31.

Remember, these are my opinion and my experience. Results may vary.
YES. Trying them on will your best option. If you try on the 32s, and they fit loose or even fit perfectly, I would reorder size 31. The waist does shrink in the soaking procedure, but in my experience, they stretch back, sometimes even more than the tagged size. So I recommend buying the pair that fits snug (but able to button all the way), soaking them, and wearing them, which stretches them out.

And about working out, I don't think so. Cause the leg opening will remain the same. That's why I recommend "tapered" fit. Same fit around the thighs, but a slight taper to the ankles.

HOLD UP! If you plan on using the dryer, then I'm 100% sure the waist will shrink! I did not use the dryer. The dryer will definitely shrink the waist, by 1-2inches. You can try it, but I didn't want to risk ruining my pair. Follow my recommendation if you DO NOT plan on using the dryer... EVER.

If won't "fade too fast", but the fade just won't have that sexy super-contrast effect.

For my pair, it shrunk slightly on the waist, but wearing it out 2 days, it stretched back to original. NOTE: I DID NOT USE DRYER.

As far as that "bubble butt", I don't think it's aviodable. I'm quite confident that the only solution is to sag or wear it until the denim soften up.
Another example []

Also, there's always going to be some sizing inconsistency within jean models. Thats why it's best to try them on before purchasing if possible.

August 01, 2012 @ 04:57:30
So when i try on my 32x36 stf, i want it to be TIGHT on the waist, because after soaking and wearing it will stretch a little bit and become perfect fit. I guess i wont be using the dryer, because probably wont need to wash these much anyways, its raw denim! I will just soak in hot water, and hang dry them.

yea i hate the bubble butt on 501s, looks retarded. There is none of that problem in the 505 jeans.

August 01, 2012 @ 05:02:56
and whats the colorway on these pants
August 01, 2012 @ 05:05:28
No problem.

Thats my recommendation.
Yeah, I personally don't put any jeans in the dryer, even my washed ones.
And I'm quite positive the "bubble butt" will go away with wear.
Share your experience with them in the future!
August 01, 2012 @ 05:08:43
yeah, will take pics tomorrow when i pick it up, pretty sure i will have to reorder in a smaller size now.. So what color are those pants? I think its really good color, not too dark, not too light.
August 01, 2012 @ 05:12:14
Not sure about the color, but they were bought from Urban Outfitters last year for like $15.
Levi 511 Trousers (I had to size -1).
August 01, 2012 @ 05:31:33
$15 from urban outfitters? wow so cheap....
i tried ordering the nike bruins from urban outfitters, declined on me 5+ times... figured out they dont ship to my postal address in washington. Im from vancouver and get evertyhing shipped to border and pick up. So i cant buy anything on urban outfitters website, sucks for me because its a good site.

your pants look like the atomic color, it looks brighter in this picture because of the bright lighting.

These look really really good i think.
501 in black mod colorway. It looks really nice, and hope my 501 stf black will fade to something like this. Should look good with my denim jacket. I would buy this, but because of the puffy ass, i dont know if i want to buy the 501 lol. In the website, when model wears it, u dont see the puffy ass, so i dont get it!

Right now im just wanting the black stf and looking for a nice mid grey jeans. I need these colors because i think they should go pretty well with my medium blue trucker jacket, which is a really awesome jacket.
August 01, 2012 @ 05:39:49
Did some photoshopping of different color jeans/pants to see if they match with my medium blue denim jacket.

505 Dove colorway, nice grey should go well with my jacket, but dont have my size smh

stf 501 black, the ones im getting in the mail photoshopped with my denim jacket

505 grey trousers
August 01, 2012 @ 18:09:28
505 Dove colorway, nice grey should go well with my jacket, but dont have my size smh

I like this one. You see how the cuffs look more "straight" with the boots the model is wearing, as oppose to looking "bootcut" when the model is wearing Converse?

Jacket looks good with black too, but the Black STF 501 looks way to baggy.
Like I said before, definitely consider slim tapered jeans. They might not be your style, but I guarantee, they look 100% better.

Is that the exact jacket you have? I like the color contrast.
August 01, 2012 @ 21:14:34
yes the boots make it look more tight on the bottom, but i dont really like wearing boots. Converse does make the jean look a little more baggy.

I have the exact same denim jacket as in that picture, its the dark summit colorway from the levis website. I think it looks a bit darker in real life, but its still a medium blue color with some fading and contrast. I think it looks really masculine, feels really comfortable and one of my best buys. I really trying to find more color pants to match this jacket haha.

I think the black stf wont be that baggy after shrinking. I saw this post on this guys 501 stf. He bought 2 sizes smaller and stretched the waist while it was wet.

he got slim fit that looks goood. You should try this! lol

I cant believe i ordered 32x36 stf, im pretty sure the waist size will be too big now.... so quickly last night i ordered another pair size 31x36 that will arrive on thursday tomorrow. So better to try on 2 sizes and see which one fits me better, didint wanna waste time!

And next time i get a chance to go to mall, i will check out the 513 slim and the 508 tapered and see how they feel,,

August 01, 2012 @ 21:47:49
Agreed. I think that jacket looks good haha.
And yeah, I should have mentioned, after hot soaking. W and being drying, when it's still slightly damp, put it on and begin that "stretching".

Damn, those look good! That's the way to go! Size down 2 for that slim look.
Looking to buy a pair for $35 off Dr. Jays.

Try different sizes when you can. You might end up needing a size 30 waist haha.
August 02, 2012 @ 06:06:04
i think 31 should be good for me and definitely think the 32 will be too big. Drjays has some cheap STF but i dont like the colorways. Im picking up my 2 pairs of stf tomorrow and will upload fit pictures.
August 02, 2012 @ 08:08:48
and whats the colorway on these pants

August 03, 2012 @ 06:42:44
ahh picked up my stf jeans today
im confused if they sent me the wrong jeans? I ordered the black STF. But on the jeans there is a tag that says RIGID???? The jeans look black though and not blue so im confused. I ordered 31x36 and 32x36. I buttoned both jeans and put them on top of each other. The waist size length for both is the SAME. So i got a defect again? Both jeans fit me very snug on the waist. I guess any tighter would really hurt. So this is a good size for the waist? Or should i try something even tighter? but then i probably wont be able to fit it. Im gonna go take some fit pictures now and will be uploaded within the next hour. brb
August 03, 2012 @ 09:51:14
ok here is a picture of the 31x36 and 32x36 on top of each other...... See the waist on both is the same length... so levis screwed up on their sizing again? Anyways, after wearing them, they are both pretty tight snug on my waist, any tighter, i would not be able to button up, so i guess the waist size is perfect for me?

Here are fit pictures 31 waist size vs 32 waist size. I guess the 31x36 looks alot better on me?

These are my first pair of raw denim STF 501s. Do you guys think this will turn out good for me? Or do i need to order even smaller size? Tomorrow i will do the the hot soak and then start wearing them!

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