DIOR RAW VS pure blue

July 14, 2011 @ 20:57:13
i want one of these could u recommend which 1 i should choose
July 15, 2011 @ 00:12:35
I have no experience with Dior but i have the pure blue xx-0013's and they're fucking great.
July 15, 2011 @ 01:41:13
pbj. Diors make good jeans as far as the MIJ models.
I would give more credibility to PBJ over a designer brand anyday.
PBJ are cheaper, and for sure there is more emphasis put on the hardware, stitching, dye, etc.
July 15, 2011 @ 11:07:00
what are you looking for in the pair of jeans? do you want dope fades, a killer fit? we cant tell you what jeans to get with no preference explained
July 15, 2011 @ 19:49:46
i am looking for killer fades
July 15, 2011 @ 20:15:59
Go with PBJ's then
July 16, 2011 @ 00:06:07
lol at looking for killer fades

pbj, you won't be disappointed
July 17, 2011 @ 16:46:33
yep PBJ's are the go to. theyre stubborn denim tho so they will fade beautifully but be patient
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