May 4, 2009 @ 01:25 PM

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so i found apc new standards brand new for a low price. the only thing im questioning is the fact of how god damn long the inseam is. a 30 inseam doesnt stack at all on me. so would a 37 stacking look bad on me. is there such a thing as 2 much stacking?
May 4, 2009 @ 02:16 PM

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if they're to long you can always get them hemmed.
May 4, 2009 @ 02:33 PM

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But then i dont want to have to spent the money or alter them. Im just checkin if anyone has seen 37 inseam jeans on a 5'9 around height person. And if the stacks would be so much that they llook bad
May 4, 2009 @ 04:26 PM
Logikal Accord

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....I thought All APC's = 34" inseam.
May 4, 2009 @ 06:21 PM

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idk about a 37 inseam, but apc jeans with 36 inseam. they 37 inseam shouldnt look too bad cuz imps come with 38 inseams and most ppl look just fine with them
May 4, 2009 @ 08:25 PM

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lmfao. ***** those are fake apc's.


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