May 18, 2011 @ 08:19 PM

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Hey I'm new to this forum and live in NYC. I find myself here because the other day at work a guy walked in with shoes that I never thought existed. They were a custom pair of sneakers, high top, Nike I think. What made the shoes a must have was the fact that they were glowing. Not glow in the dark glowing. No, they had a custom LED setup that had the lights under the fabric. I mean this in the sense that the shoes weren't glowing with pure light, instead it was the fabric itself that glowed, from LED lights underneath of it. The guy told my manager that they are only available at custom shoe shops and that's about all I have to go on. I'm wondering if anyone knows any custom shoe shops in NYC that would sell something like this. Or just a shop that sells custom sneakers in general. Hopefully this new forum can help, thanks.

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