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A recent client of mine had quite the sense of humor when it came to doing the Tiger Woods "JUST DID IT" Supra. There is a portrait of Tiger Woods and his SUV lodged up in the grass on the outside of the left shoe, and then his wife ready to strike with the golf club coming around from the inside of the shoe. The right shoe hosts portraits of the 11 alleged mistresses of Mr. Tiger Woods (though I hear more are surfacing) and on the inside of this shoe is says JUST DID IT. The shoes are finished off with SUPRA PIMPS on the tongue (my client is part of that thread on the suprafootwear.org forum) and a real golf ball to hold the laces in place.

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LOLLLL! Them sneaks ballingggg
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Oh Lord! This must have taken forever!
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The swinger!
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Finally something different
supra details are awesome, but i finds more like shoes to show off and not to wear
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the portraits come across a bit cartoonish n I think the golf balls are o.d. nice concept but I would have incorporated imagery of the media aspects behind it (newspapers, magazines, etc.)

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