August 3, 2012 @ 09:10 AM

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hey hypebeaster,
two months ago, i bought from this guy on ebay -> the silence and funeral snapback. I paid him a lot of money for those shipped to italy. He posted a picture of his usps receipt. They where shipped first class, so i can't track them. Not even USPS is able to track the package. First, the guy seemed really cool. But after he never answered me, i slowly got worried. I paid via PAYPAL. When i opened the dispute, he immediatly answered me, and said he would recall the package, if i wont close it. After long discussions, i finally closed it. And now, he never answered again, nor i got my stuff. I already conctaced some buyers, and they said, he is a legit dude, nice to handle ect.
Is there someone who could help me with this case

ps.: he had to close the auction on ebay, because he first didnt ship international.


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