April 3, 2007 @ 08:32 PM
Shes So Fly

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Just wondering if anyone knows if there are ANY
Canadian sneaker forums or marketplaces where
people are selling legit shoes? I would use ebay
but the shipping prices are high and I don't want
to have to deal with any border troubles. Ebay.ca
is alright but still most of the shoes on there are
still coming from outside of canada. Does anyone
know of anywhere? Preciate it in advance smile

P.S. I'm looking for something other than the one
on this forum, just to clear that up lol
April 3, 2007 @ 09:26 PM

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smelltherich.com has a forum starting up.

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April 4, 2007 @ 01:54 AM

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April 4, 2007 @ 07:15 AM

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nikeskateboarding.org has a huge forum and a pretty decent Canadian section
April 5, 2007 @ 10:12 PM

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ISS has its own toronto thread
NT has a Canada Section in the regionals section
April 6, 2007 @ 03:09 AM

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NT doesn't allow local selling in its Canada regional sub forum.
April 6, 2007 @ 10:11 AM
Eugene K.

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and guys dont like it when you try to sell your shit in the TO thread on ISS
April 7, 2007 @ 09:30 AM


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April 10, 2007 @ 10:41 AM
Shes So Fly

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alright good stuff i'll have to look around
for some of the suggestions. Thanks for
the help and by the way i'm on smelltherich
also under Much Swag smile

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