Family and Friends [Footlocker]

December 02, 2006 @ 10:04:00
Didn't see it posted...

December 02, 2006 @ 10:06:18
the shox are not part of it, the am90s are not part of it

lol so pretty much any shoe u like is not part of it
December 02, 2006 @ 21:25:31

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Title's been amended to reflect thread content. Carry on. smokeyface
December 02, 2006 @ 22:36:08

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How do i work this thing, do i print it out?
December 03, 2006 @ 13:42:26
^ Yep, just print it out and take it in to the store.

Last day today...
December 04, 2006 @ 13:57:36

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Thanks for the ehads up.

But i went in and only certain things applied. Air Force 1s didnt, so i had to pass smh
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