January 26, 2012 @ 05:02 PM

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This is for the trade of my Grey Supreme Hennessey Beanie for Pauly's Supreme Black Canvas Camp Cap from Winter season 2011.

A+++++ shipping. delivery confirmation for Black canvas 03102640000203019113
January 26, 2012 @ 06:13 PM

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gotta hand it to DJTJ too...fast response, no bs, don't anticipate any problems....he's good people, don't hesitate to do a deal with him, made a deal had product in the mail in less than 24 hours

btw ^ thats a tracking number, paid $1.50 for that shit...just sayin, might be different than confirmation #

Fucktard we been developed a ratio

January 26, 2012 @ 10:14 PM

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Lol, I appreciate it. thats whats up. thanks bro. Enjoi the beanie holmes
February 18, 2012 @ 02:01 AM

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djtj quick and awesome thx for the fleece


April 4, 2012 @ 06:16 AM
mike who

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Nothing to even THINK about worrying about this guy. Great communication, great attitude, great cooperation, and fast shipping. If he's offering something you want, don't hesitate.

Thanks again, Paul.
April 6, 2012 @ 06:07 PM


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Legit homie. Trade went smoothly.

Holla Pauly

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