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On the 4th of January i sent vin $150USD + 4% for a pair of boots.

He replied that day via email saying
"Yep, it went through perfect. i ended up getting 149.63 but its all good lol ill ship it off later today On Tue, Jan 4, 2011 at 4:51 AM"

I live in australia, so i don't expect miracle shipping so after more than a month i sent him a pm to see what was up.

then apparently they are at the post office and they made a huge blunder...

yet never gave me the tracking number....

After getting the run around from him he still hasn't shipped them out.

I've called his home in america and when i am visiting california in a few months i will definitely be paying this guy a visit.

He now tells me that he has refund the amount via paypal but my paypal account is still $0 with no positive balance nor my credit card been reimbursed for the amount due.

Vin has openly admitted that he still has the package via SB just minutes ago.

Mods clearly he hasn't attempted to send the item/refund my money.
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