OFFICIAL Show us your whip!

January 01, 2007 @ 12:43:08
i dont drive yet but i will be driving and evo 8 ill post some pics in a bit
January 01, 2007 @ 14:48:44
Some sweet rides there. smokeyface

I drive a Honda civic type r here in the UK.

No pics as its dirty as f*ck. >smh
January 01, 2007 @ 14:50:09
Paulp, thats a bad ass CBR you have there. Looks awesome. &)
January 01, 2007 @ 14:50:28
Jetta...1.8 Turbo.
January 01, 2007 @ 15:33:53
mostlikely gettingan 07 camry


January 01, 2007 @ 15:43:41
January 01, 2007 @ 15:55:11

Only pics I have right now. But what can ya do. Taken last year with a crappy 1.3MP MP3 camera. (Olympus M-robe 500i)
January 01, 2007 @ 15:57:14

As for me '92 Honda Civic

Yes DUM and mrjeffro are some dope models.
January 01, 2007 @ 16:03:22
Yeah, you can see my dad's civic behind my car. I'm the only one with a sunroof & leather in the family. haha, Glass sunroof is waiting in the trunk for me to install it, got rims in the basement, extra rubber in the garage, and some fullsize spares beside that extra rubber. I've spent alot of money on her, which is why I don't have much clothes or shoes. Nice civic though, every time I see it, I think the rear pass. window is duct tape, but then I remember it's his sweater.
January 01, 2007 @ 16:06:18
02 chevy impala
January 01, 2007 @ 16:19:38
Yeah I would rather put money into my car then shoes but since its an automatic theres no point in doing anything to the motor. I'm thinking about dropping it and putting some rims but i need a job first. And before i do that i need to get a new trunk since someone ripped off my stock spoiler with a crowbar and i need a new fender and hood since my bro got in an accident with it when he was driving it. I love that car though.
January 01, 2007 @ 16:30:44
with the winter tires on
January 01, 2007 @ 16:43:24
Paulp, thats a bad ass CBR you have there. Looks awesome. &)

it gets the job done
ive seen 145mph on that thing
January 01, 2007 @ 16:45:48
2007 mercedes benz c280 4matic in black
January 01, 2007 @ 19:37:52
everyone knows my steez picture by christopher.

hmmm...race header or save for some wheels
January 01, 2007 @ 20:04:10
I drive my step-dads 94 mustang 5.0 v8 on the weekends and too school i drive my 83 cutlass supreme brougham that only runs when it decides too.
January 01, 2007 @ 20:16:46
01 lexus is300 graphite grey
January 01, 2007 @ 21:02:14
During holidays (parents house) I ride a porsche boxter 2003/ VW beetle, during the year I don't have a car, it's too expensive in London and I don't want to worry about parking and so on.
January 01, 2007 @ 21:56:59
Scion TC with Lambo Doors:

January 01, 2007 @ 22:01:22
i have a bike...
January 02, 2007 @ 01:19:05
well couldnt tag the photo with paper,but this is my ride(actually my vehicle and one of my other rides,my bike),better,full pictures comin later...
i had a choice of vehicles,and surprisingly,this 2003 ford econoline e150 is my pride and joy..not a stalker,i race motorcycles and vans are very popular among racers,easy to store bikes,stuff cant get jacked outta back of ur ya as far as what makes it unique:
20 inch kmc wheels,alpine ipod head unit,12 inch jl with alpine amp,blacked out windows,not pictured clear corners,billet grill,hid headlights..most people stare,maybe because its weird seeing a van like that,maybe they like it..not sure but its different and i love it..take care everyone
January 02, 2007 @ 02:24:50
88 mercedes benz 300se.. but in june 07, soon to be 03-04 infiniti g35 coupe 6 speed =]]] smokeyface
January 02, 2007 @ 02:33:44
a little kinky kia picanto! its rubbish but beats walking!
January 02, 2007 @ 02:36:28
January 02, 2007 @ 02:47:14
January 02, 2007 @ 03:03:44
the 128 bus
January 02, 2007 @ 07:21:29
January 02, 2007 @ 10:36:13
2003 Audi A4
January 02, 2007 @ 10:53:58

also got a kawasaki zx6r 636 ninja for spring/summer time
January 02, 2007 @ 12:47:50

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I push the 06 Jeep Commander in Black.
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