Oct 02, 2007 @ 23:14
is there anyone or any place thats selling kaws toys,or websites? i jus want regular kaws toy thats not too much.anybody got any word on it??? blinkyeyes
Oct 02, 2007 @ 23:47
Good luck they go for about 2 bills minimum...

Oct 03, 2007 @ 00:02
yea it doesnt matter whos hes collabing with. if it has anything to do with Kaws then its gonna cost a good amount.
Oct 03, 2007 @ 05:10
Im pretty sure Evolve in melb sells a few kaws. may be wrong, but i know they def. sell toys.
Oct 08, 2007 @ 02:01
i dont think u could afford one..
Oct 09, 2007 @ 13:12
Originally posted by Inactive User
i dont think u could afford one..

lol,ok chris,lol
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