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Typography is something I know shit about...being an aspiring designer I think I should try and get up on it. I plan on taking some classes on it in college, but for now anybody have any info, links, anything you could point me towards that could help educate me on it? Any specific artists I should look at?

I like Parra's stuff alot but that's all I can think of.
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Class book i've got on it:


Just be creative, sit with a piece of paper and experiment with letters. I've managed to make a particular style which I'd like to make into a computer font.
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Check out houseindustries.com

House, creates some of the best decorative typefaces today. Some of their side projects include Zoltar, and House33.

I'd also just check for some printed books on the subject...If you already have a good eye for design, then Im sure you can determine the wack from good.
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there are tons of books about typography, just go to barnes and nobles and sit there for some hours. typography is all around, keep an eye on everything, and you will see a lot of thing different. taking a class is definitely a good choice, i took 2 type class before, and its amazing.
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and move
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i tried doing the old school print style typography
its a total bitch
i went home and hugged my computer.
its good for training your eye though
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If you are really interested in typography, I definitely recommend taking a class. There are things that are just really hard to learn by yourself. Doing lots of kerning, letterspacing, and linespacing exercizes is painful, but you will get to know letterforms extremely well.

Some books I find myself referring to a lot are:

The Complete Manual of Typography by James Felici which is good for digital typography

The Elements of Typographic Style by Robert Bringhurst -- indespensable for typesetting, but if you are more interested as type as image it might not be of much use to you.

Stop Stealing Sheep & find out how type works by Erik Spiekerman. Good primer and reference for common fonts. Spiekerman is awesome. I'd try to get your hands on as much of his stuff as you can.

A History of Graphic Design by Phillip B. Meggs. This is just a great reference for anyone who is interested in design. Tons of info about history of typography and such. You can get older editions of this for very cheap on amazon since it's a textbook.

--- One thing to definitely look for that I see a lot of problems with is KERNING-- the spacing between letters. Once you learn about this you will see it everywhere! Bad kerning is a huge tip off that a designer does not know what they are doing.
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Check out houseindustries.com

Famous famous in the type world. I know fools who are 60 that used to set type back when they were teens talking about how dope House Ind is. Thats when you know you're fresh.

Some books that have helped me learn:
"Typohgraphie" is a classic. Also I know Kunz has quite a few books out worth checking. Herbert Spencer also had a couple books, typographica and... poineers of type.. or something (i never got around to picking it up, but i remember drooling over it). Those names should get you pointed in the right direction. For contemporary theres Nathan Fletcher, who I cant find much on at the moment, but he was a surfer and did a lot of the shit for Quicksilver. Sounds corny but he's pretty respected in the type community as well.

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