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January 2, 2014 @ 04:07 PM
Mugiwara no Luffy

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Man I have to say something because this is getting ridiculous. I'm not hating by any means but I feel as though Jay West is extremely overrated. As a positive, I respect dude for doing what he loves and making a name for himself but in my opinion he is very cocky and is artwork is average at best. He never went to art school so in that sense that already takes points away, and he thinks he's better than what he is. I saw an interview where he said that he was the next "Picasso" of this generation and he pretty much insulted Jackson Pollock. I don't care what you think about Pollock's art, you NEVER say that kind of shit in an interview. My mans needs to humble himself alot because in all honesty his art isnt terrible but its not that good either. In the art world, you have to come alot harder than with lambchop and popeye. You can pretty much tell that he never had formal teaching and for him to be feeding his own ego is not a good look. West has to pay his dues.
January 4, 2014 @ 01:15 AM

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Wayyy overatedd
January 5, 2014 @ 04:28 PM

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I never heard of the dude but he is apparently on the home page a lot for art. I think his art stinks. It looks mediocre. The idea that not having gone to art school takes away any "points"(confused is fooey. You can be self taught and be miles ahead of those who have gone to art school. One example: http://dc-concept.blogspot.com/ 

As far as I can see he's not the next picasso, pollock, Lichtenstein(he fucking copied comics with some variations at a large size a people love him like wth?!?!?!?!? http://davidbarsalou.homestead.com/LICHTENSTEINPROJECT.html )(I like none of them btw).

What did he say about Pollock? I think anyone is warranted to say what they want, the opinion holds ground if it's logically sound and made from all the information presented,( "oh it was different for the time blah blah blah so its super duper great,.. dripped paint, wooooooo hoorahhhh") I would probably say some harsh things about pollock to in an interview if I was asked about his work..

I don't think he has to pay his dues as much as he has to not make mediocre work. (Again this is opinon) I think a lot of his work is boring. Maybe that's just me. Oh well.
January 8, 2014 @ 05:20 PM
Mugiwara no Luffy

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I would agree with you in some aspects but I disagree with not having to go to art school. Sure there are some people who can make art without teaching but you can never fully understand the process without some teaching. That's almost like saying you can be a doctor or engineer without going to college for it. Drawing and painting is something that everyone can do, but not everyone is good at it. You can never really mature unless you know the processes and art history. If you want to be taken seriously, you have to have some education in the field just like any other profession. That's not to say there hasn't been stars  who didn't go to art school (Basquiat) but If art school wasn't preferred, there would be no art schools. Jay West is just a nigga who happened to draw Popeye one day and thought he could be famous from it. Dude has NO training/knowledge and is pure buttsauce.

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