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When to use and how to use them? Im still quite new to photography and havent really learned much about them. Ive had a couple shoots here and there, but I left the AF area and Metering modes alone. What do you guys prefer when it comes to both of them? Is there an ideal set up or does it change in different situations. This is just an example, if I were to shoot on a sunny day, what would be the best set up for both? If you guys check out my photoblog, some of the pictures come out decent, while others don't. I'm guessing its because I wasn't controlling the AF and it focused on unwanted things? Check out my photoblog and leave me some tips and comments. I'll take them into consideration because it'll only help me become a better photographer.
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May 11, 2011 @ 02:36 PM

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I use single point AF mode on my 7D. As for metering, I forget what I use. It depends on what you're shooting though and what you want to achieve. One setting doesn't work for every scenario.

Looking through your photos, you could really use a calibrated monitor. A lot of the photos are dull and hazy looking - like most of the ones taken outside (car meets, portraits, etc.)

I would suggest some things - get a graduated ND filter and play with your exposure settings (and shoot in RAW).

Also, you should pick up some books on photography. I use Scott Kelby's Digital Photography series as well David Busch's camera specific guide (in my case a 7D).
May 11, 2011 @ 07:56 PM

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Thanks for the feedback. I'll look into calibrating my monitor and the filter. One of the reason it may be looking like that is because I was using the "Wide" AF, and I guess it was focusing on things that I didnt want it to focus on. Now that I know, I guess i'll be sticking to Spot and recompose of Local so I can control on what I want to focus on.
May 15, 2011 @ 06:24 AM

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I'm using single point AF too. I change the metering mode depending on what i shoot. I usually use the big evaluative (? ) one when i shoot outside in good lighting, and at night (or when i shoot concerts) i switch to spot metering.

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