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For Sale - Used - 100% Authentic No. 2 Evisu Jeans w/painted on Black Gulls

Have you wanted a pair of Evisu Jeans (direct from Japan) but thought the $200+ price tag was too much? Do you want a pair
purchased directly from the Shinsaibashi Evisu store with custom Black painted on gulls?

Well HERE THEY ARE and these jeans are in lovely worn condition...

Here are some more specifics about these jeans.

Size 36 x 32 - Professionally hemmed at the original purchase shop - Evisu in Osaka, JP (Shinsaibashi store)http://www.evisu.jp/main/contents/informations/map/evisu_shinsaibashi_m.html
Original red tag jeans (any Evisus sold for retail in the US can't have the red tag due to legal proceedings with Levi's)
No.2 Jeans - Lot 2000 - fits like Levi's 501s (except 100000000% better quality)
Worn - Make no believe. These are lovingly worn. There are holes. There are fades all over the place. It gives the jeans character. The leg openings are worn and are ripped.
Famous black Evisu "Gulls" - I watched them hand paint these on my jeans in the Osaka Shinsaibashi store.
Originally purchased at the Shinsaibashi store for 21,000 yen (~$210).
100% guaranteed authentic
Straight fit, selvedge jeans
Made in Japan with 100% Japanese denim

These are one of a kind, Evisu Jeans with custom, hand-painted black gulls. A beautiful showing of Japanese design, comfort, and quality.

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