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I work with a local shop and I have an account with South Shore, which is a skateboard distribution company that distributes a selective amount of Diamond Supply Co.

I am planning on making order to put a few things up on here, I'll do my best to compete with Karmaloop and I'll even do free shipping on orders over 100$ and I'll do my best to knock a few dollars off their asking price.

These shorts are available at the moment in size 32.

Also in this color way in size 36 and 34 at the moment.

These are available in all sizes,

These are only available in large and medium, a personal favorite

Tanktops available in all sizes,

Will be throwing some snapbacks up if anyone is interested, at the moment I'm not sure and can not guarantee any color-ways of the shirts and tank tops but I will be available to confirm next week.

Don't shy away because of the stock pictures, I'm just giving an idea of the inventory...I will be receiving my order next week and will begin shipping as well. Will edit with pricing and actual pictures in possession. All sales will be done through paypal and if requested a tracking number will be provided as well...to make sure ALL IS LEGIT.

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