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Consolidating my sale threads...

All items brand new

First up is the HY-J3S Jacket in size Medium which fits more like a Small. Colour Black.

Details as shown exactly here: http://www.firmament...ell_jacket.html

and here


A hybrid between ACR's E-J3S and SS-J1 crossing the E-J3S jackets superior style with SS-J1's mobility: the unconventional back construction allows maximum movement. The material the jacket is cut from looks classic but has all the features of a high-tech fabric.

Measurements are as follows
Pit to pit - 18.5"
Shoulder to shoulder - 16.5"
Shoulder to cuff - 25"
Waist - 20"
Neck to Waist (Length) - 28"

Retail prices range anywhere from 800 - 950. I am asking $600 USD shipped.

Next item is the 3rd ARM 3A-1 Interops Bag. This is the older style using the Limonta material which I find a lot better than the new bags using Polyant Xpac. The Limonta material supposedly ages well like leather.

The classic 3A-1 Einsatztasche comes in a luxurious Cotton-based Limonta fabric for Autumn-Winter 2009. The material will break in with usage and turn your bag into an individual piece. Features asymmetrical dynamical hybrid system, German special forces hardware, ergonomic patterns.

Measurements and details can all be found here

and here


new version details here

Retail prices from $450 to $530. I am asking $325 USD.

Gf graciously volunteered to model these 2 items.

Next up are the Acronym P8TS-S from FW 1011 in size Large and the Arcteryx Veilance Stealth Pant in size 30

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Measurements for p8t-s
Waist - 18"
Thigh - 13"
Inseam - 33"
Hem - 8"

The acronym pant is the same one in this link

Asking $400 USD

The stealth pant has 2 rear cargo pockets with smaller stone island shadow- esque pockets. Awesome slim fit pant.

Measurements for Stealth Pant
Waist - 15"
Thigh - 11"
Inseam - 35"
Hem - 7.5"

The stealth pants are the same ones in this link in Shale

Asking $300

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