October 1, 2011 @ 12:24 PM

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[*]I know I'm a new member, but I don't ship first.
[*]Lowballers GTFO
[*]PayPal Only (I don't do gift, for you and me)
[*]International PM me for Info
[*]All items are unworn, with tags, and original packaging (if any).

Biggie "Ready to Die" Black M $85 Shipped
Biggie "Ready to Die" Navy L $75 Shipped

Navy Canvas Camp Hat SOLD
Back Arc Logo Snapback $65+Shipping
Lora Piana Wool Box Logo Patch Fitted $85+Shipping

Zippo $75+Shipping

Somethings messing up with images, if you right click on copy image URL and just view it directly. If you need more pics LMK.

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