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Hey guys, Im cleaning out my closet and heading back to school soon. Everything you see here is size Large unless otherwise stated and OBO. Feel free to throw offers. Once again, if you are interested in something just PM and we'll work something out. Shipping from Vancouver, Canada and PayPal is the only payment method at this time. Obviously, the more you buy the better deal on price+shipping. Thanks for looking!

Zoo York in size MEDIUM - Crest design in gold foil - Asking $15.

Crooks & Castles - This was from their illuminati collection. Basically a harder to find section of C&C because it was in limited numbers and fewer retailers carried it - Asking $20.

Pic of the tag:

Crooks and Castles - Tee was only available through their flagship store in LA during their opening - Asking $25.

Pic of the back:

Kid Robot - If you own KR then you know their sizes run about a half size smaller, basically like a bigger medium on this - Asking $20.

Situationormal x UNDFTD - Collab tee. Pics will speak for themselves. Dope tee thats impossible to find - Asking $30.

Pic of the tag:

3sixteen in size MEDIUM - Was shipped the wrong size so has been sitting in closet since. Clean white v-neck with small signs on back too - Asking $25.

Pic of the back:

Gone Corporate - Picked up from Karmaloop a while back. Clean design on this one - Asking $20.

Franco Shade - Has the Quitters tagline across the chest with LV-like pattern fading from bottom up - Asking $20.

Crooks & Castles - Grenade design from the bottom up. Barely worn - Asking $20.

Crooks and Castles - Gods and insects tee from several seasons ago. Got it because it was a small switchup in logo. See the pics - Asking $20.

Pic of the back:

Crooks and Castles - Collab with local store Complex. The design is sick and this tee is impossible to find now - Asking $25.

Crooks and Castles - Big medusa face design. Took me a while to snag this back in the day. Was difficult to find, especially in this colorway - Asking $25.

Kid Robot - Entire ghost glows in the dark. Just remember the sizing - Asking $25.

Kid Robot - Metal labbit on the chest. Just remember the sizing - Asking $25.

Crooks and Castles - Another Illuminati piece. Youre not running into anyone else wearing the same tee - Asking $25.

Adidas - Usually dont grab Adidas stuff but I liked the different design on it - Asking $20.

Pic of the back bottom corner:

Crooks and Castles - HEAT. Was an online exclusive a few years ago. Came in 3 colorways but this was the hardest to snag - Asking $25.

Adidas in size MEDIUM - Another dope design i couldnt resist. Check it out - Asking $25.

Kid Robot track top - As always, keep sizing in mind. Nice glossy track with the labbit design throughout. Limited run on this one - Asking $40.

Pic of the tag:

Bounty Hunter pullover hoodie - Brand from Japan if you didnt know. Drawstrings on hood are gone though - Asking $20.

Pic of the back:

Orisue jacket - Links design in gold. Got when brand was first coming up. Check the other colorway below as well - Asking $25.

Orisue jacket- Same deal but in white - Asking $25.

OriginalFake jacket - Pretty sure this aint legit but cant remember how it got in my closet to begin with haha. The tarot card design is still pretty dope - Asking $25.

Adidas jacket - BEST FOR LAST. This is heat at its finest. Limited run with a dope crest design throughout. Only stitch is that there was a pocket in the front for your ipod/mp3 player and the button came from the seam. Ill do my best to mend it but if you dont want to use it, the rest is fine - Asking $40.

Pic of the design detail:

Few things are dusty so id be happy to run it through one wash and hang dry before sending. If not i can send as is if youd like to handle it yourself. As mentioned just message me and we'll work it out. Thanks.

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