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Bought another pair of these form 2nd and they arrived today. They have only been soaked once for 30mins and then tried on but I couldn't even button the top button and couldn't stretch them sad. So they are up for sale same deal as my previous pair.

P.S. In the photos the jeans are still damp thats how long I've had them for.

Have not been hemmed, stretched or anything.

PRICE: $260USD shipped. But offers welcome.(Item located in New Zealand)
Paypal Only.

Specs: (Measurements done using BiG method)

-Lot #13
-29 X 36
-Red tab, indigo arcs
-Soaked 1X
-Tried on 1X (for 5 mins)
-Waist: 14.5
-Leg opening: 7.5
-Length: 36
-Thigh: 10.5

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