November 16, 2010 @ 01:41 PM

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-Need To Sell suprised

-Paypal Only ( +4% or GIFT ) & shipping is included in the price.

-Contact: PM me for any extra questions or more pics and ill try my best to reply as fast as i can.

Some are d/s, most have been worn but kept in great great great condition.
i dont know the names of the style so sorry if it sounds redundant

Supreme Camper Gry/Purp $40 Shipped

Supreme Camper Green $40 Shipped

Supreme Camper Brown/Glittter $40 Shipped

Supreme Camper Blk/White $40 Shipped

Supreme Camper Red/Yllow/Nvy-Flannel $40 Shipped

Supreme Camper Nvy/Red/Wht-Stripes $40 Shipped

Supreme Camper Tweed/Red $40 Shipped
(this is the only camper with this kind of back strap)

Supreme Camper Red Monogram $45 shipped

Supreme Camper Electric Blue/Orange Jag $30 Shipped
(shows yellow worn inside of cap)

Supreme Camper Black/Yellow Jag $30 shipped
(shows some yellowing in brim of cap)

Supreme New Era Digital Camo-Side Logo 7 3/8 $55 Shipped

Supreme New Era Check NY Ear Flap 7 3/8 D/S $65 Shipped

Supreme Houndstooth Sports Cap 2008 Navy 8.5/10 $35 Shipped

Huf New Era Hunters H tight-7 3/8 $45 Shipped

thanks for looking and plaease bump! need to get rid of these bad boys.
November 16, 2010 @ 02:02 PM

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Location: Los Angeles

sorry i wasnt able to laod the pics directly, so heres the links to the pics.. ill try and fix it later!
thanks for looking!

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