March 2, 2010 @ 12:51 AM

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ebay feedback of 890 at 100% under the ID chan011

email me at [email][/email] with any questions.
all prices include shipping within the US via priority mail.

i bought this pair of jeans and i just dont like the fit as much as i thought so my loss is your gain. these retail for $320.00. I how washed them to get the shrinkage out. there is minimal fading on these jeans. didnt really wear them hard at all. as you can see from the picture of the back pockets, where the hidden rivets are located is where there is a lighter color but thats pretty much a given due to sitting down and the denim rubbing against the seat. the leather tag has some indigo dye on it but that will come off with leather conditioner if it bothers anyone. jeans are really unique. color reminds me of my 45rpm jormons and im really curious to see how these fade over time.

price $200 shipped

Actual Measurements waist 31 inches thigh 11.5 inches knee 8.5 inches hem 8.5 inches inseam 34 inches

March 6, 2010 @ 11:09 PM

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Polo XL down Jacket
retail was $225.00
Price - $80 shipped
wore for one winter a few years back and its just too big. sits in my closet. really warm down jacket, but it just doesnt get enough wear to justify keeping it

keep in mind its puffy so the measurements meauring outside are going to be bigger than actual when you wear it due to the down feathers.

pit to pit 27.5in
bottom of back collar to bottom hem 28in
sleeve 20in

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